Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Embroidered onesies

I have recently rediscovered my passion for embroidering baby onesies, an addiction that originated with friends of ours. I embellished several onesies with silk ribbon embroidery about a year ago, but I haven't picked up my little embroidery hoop in quite a while. Recently I saw some embroidered onesies on another blog, and my addiction was reawakened. Thanks to some free vintage embroidery patterns on the internet, I have resumed this simple and satisfying pastime.

The three pink onesies were done a while ago with silk ribbon embroidery, but the little white onesie was completed today during Martha Stewart:

Here is a close-up of today's project:

I love how simple these are. Silk ribbon embroidery is a bit more time consuming, but using regular embroidery floss couldn't be easier. I used a medium-weight non-fusible interfacing as a stabilizer on the back. For the pattern, I printed out the design on transparent onion skin paper, pinned it directly to the onesie, and voila!

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  1. Those are so adorable! I love them. In case you are wondering, I found your blog on the sensibility forums.
    God Bless!


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