Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Morning at the Beach

This morning I attended a Bible study with my mother and sister. It is held at the house of one of our church members -- who happens to live right on the Gulf of Mexico. It's been at least four months since I've been to her house, and I realized all over again how the majesty and beauty of God is displayed at the beach.

A little ghost crab was scuttling around on the sands. He may be smaller than my thumb, but he moves faster than I can .

Doesn't this look like creamy icing on a vanilla birthday cake?

Sand between my toes...utterly delicious!

Shells have been one of my passions ever since I can remember. It's hard to resist collecting more beauty when it's right there in front of you. But then I remember my two full shoe-boxes at home and resist.

This reminds me of Sarah's description of the sea in Sarah, Plain and Tall -- "like sun on glass."


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