Monday, March 31, 2008

Charm in Miniature

Last week my mother and I drove in a nearby neighborhood, searching for the wild wisteria that we found growing there several years ago. The wisteria, sad to say, has been destroyed to make way for monstrous houses. But on our trek, we discovered a few hidden treasures. One was an impromtu farm right on the Bay, which housed -- of all things -- two cows, several goats, a llama, and an emu.

It has been several years since I have seen an emu, and I had forgotten that their eyes are glowing pools of amber. The llama was woolly and adorable, though its appearance did not give a general impression of intelligence:

We knew there were some horses in the area, and later on we came across a few fields. There was a large, "normal" horse in one pasture, but this little darling stole our attention:

As soon as my mother started collecting some grass (a difficult task, considering our area is composed entirely of sand!), the pony began to look quite interested:

Notice the fuzzy little beard on its chin!

How could I have forgotten the delight of stroking a horse's satiny-smooth coat? Or the warmth and softness of a pony nose as it snuffles your hand for grass?

Charm may be deceitful and beauty may be vain, but charm in miniature is irresistable.

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  1. So darling!!

    When I used to go out riding every week, we often rode past the house of some folks who owned a Shetland. He'd trot along with us for the length of the fence, and stare wistfully after us when we went on our way. I never 'met' him, but I sure did love the little fellow!


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