Monday, March 24, 2008

Happiness Is

~ Listening to the soundtrack for "Jeeves and Wooster" (thank you, Laura!)

~ Wearing a "bran-new," just-finished skirt

~ A clean house

~ A fluffy white cake fresh from the oven, courtesy of my father

~ Listening to Spring bird songs

~ A peaceful day

~ Hearing the wind blow around the eaves

~ The security that only comes from knowing Christ

~ Having decide whether to read, practice violin, or sew...

I think I'll practice some violin. Some Bach will be delightful -- and it will ease my violin-conscience at the same time.


  1. Ah, you're very welcome! That CD is definitely a day-brightener for me, too... :-)

  2. hums "If I Had a Talking Picture of You..."


  3. I love the J&W soundtrack! It's good housecleaning music. =D

  4. What piece(s) of Bach are you working on?

  5. Amanda, Jeeves and Wooster IS perfect housecleaning music! It's practically impossible for me to stay still when I have it on.

    Cheri, I'm working on the 2nd Partita (d minor) of the Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas. Right now I'm in the throes of the Chaconne! I never used to like playing solo Bach, but now that I've studied music theory and Counterpoint I just adore the Unaccompanied pieces.

    Your fellow violinist,

  6. Oh okay. =) It's fun to hear what others are working on. So far, I have only worked on the E major one, and want to start on another one but can't decided which one yet.

  7. The E major is so lovely! I'd love to know which one you eventually choose.

    Yours in Christ,


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