Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Off the Beaten Track

On a thrift store jaunt several years ago I came across a curious little book. Entitled "Atlas," the front cover features a drawing of a young man interrupted in the act of looking through a telescope by a large meteor falling through the roof. My interest, quite naturally, was piqued.

The artist responsible for this book was Glen Baxter. It is a bizarre collection of cartoons drawn in the style of 1930's comic books. Many of the drawings resemble illustrations from early 20th century adventure books, but the accompanying headings or dialogue are extremely unconventional!

But I digress. I put down my dollar for the book and took it home. I thought I would share my favorite cartoon from the book, since it refers to Jane Austen in the most humorous manner:

I think what makes it so ridiculously funny is that it all appears so serious! There is another Jane Austen cartoon on Glen Baxter's website, Here. Unfortunately I cannot recommend the cartoon gallery on his website because of one unsavory cartoon. Why, oh why?

A little bit of crazy humor can be delightful. Especially if it involves Jane Austen!

Image is copyrighted to Glen Baxter, 1983

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  1. That's funny! That would be a lot of work... they would have to write down each letter at a time and then read it when all of the words are there.


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