Monday, May 05, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress: Monday

In honor of cleaning day, I donned a favorite ankle-length denim skirt and a blue-and-white daisy blouse that I made a few summers ago. It was cool and comfortable for cleaning, but it still felt feminine.

My recent shift to all-natural cleaners has lead to a discovery of vinegar as a bathroom cleaner. It's marvelous! Glistening mirrors and streak-free showers. The smell is...potent -- but it's no worse than the chemical cocktails that I used before! I am officially awarding it the honor of "Wonder Cleaner."


  1. Did you make your skirt? I really like it! I'm looking into making myself a denim skirt, but lack a pattern at the moment!

    And, yes, vinegar is marvelous cleaner! Personally, I use it to clean the windows in our house.

  2. Jerusha, I wish I could say I made my skirt! All of my friends who know that I sew ask me if I did :-) It's an A-line skirt with two pleats each on front and back. They're sewn down to a few inches below my hip, and the front has little tabs and buttons. I just love this skirt!

    I hope you find a good pattern soon!

    Yours in Christ,

  3. Hello Shannon!

    I've been reading your blong for a few weeks, and I love what you post! I'm doing a "Week in Feinine Dress" this week too! Here is my blog:

    I was wondering, how do you do cleaning with vinger? It sounds very interesting! (Espically since I hate using all them chemicals and stuff).



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