Saturday, June 14, 2008


A visit to our local charity shop is always hit-or-miss. Sometimes I'll find absolutely nothing, sometimes I'll hardly be able to hold everything! A visit last week turned out to be quite satisfactory. Primarily because, for the first time, I actually found something that I've always wanted to find there -- a plate.

That sounds pretty absurd, but I've always wished I could find a lone piece of pretty china at a marvelous price. When I saw a sweet little dessert plate with a pansy border, crackled finish, and a little chip on one edge, I was in love. The price? 25 cents.

I also found a tiny little Anchor Hocking glass dish in a silver stand, though that was $4. It's the perfect size for a casserole-for-two. A bit of metal polish cleaned the tarnish off and set it sparkling.

I also found a silver friendship ball, like the one here, for 50 cents -- but it had some corrosion, so I shall have to do some "recovery" work.

It's funny to me how buying things second-hand has suddenly become the rage among "green" circles. Some of us have been thrifting for years, without any notion that we were "saving the planet." It just makes sense to re-use perfectly good items, and to pay less for them than they would cost new. But hey, I don't mind sticking the environmentally friendly label on my shopping! I don't think my little pansy plate will save the world, but it certainly saves my pocketbook.

Happy thrifting!


  1. Oh, fun! I love thrift shopping. :) Your pansy plate is beautiful--and the silver stand, too. Makes me want to head over to our local Goodwill store and hunt for treasure.

  2. The pansy plate is really pretty. : ) My mother really likes charity shops, and I visit them occasionally. As you say, it is quite hit and miss whether you find anything you like!

  3. Aaaaah...thrift shops! Such lovely places to find needs and pay so little. The problem...getting out of them without buying too many things you really don't need;-)

    Great finds Shannon!

    Oh, thanks for tagging me...I hope to put the meme on my blog later today:-)

    Lots of love,

  4. Janna, a good "treasure hunt" is always fun :)

    Jerusha, when we visited England last summer, we visited every charity shop we saw in search of old books -- and made a few good finds! Oxfam, Cancer Research -- I forced myself not to look at clothes, since I knew I'd have no room in my suitcase :) Over here we call them "thrift stores," but I think "charity shop" sounds much nicer.

    Sommmer, I agree about the problem of incredibly priced -- but incredibly unneeded -- items! :) I'm so glad you liked the meme!

    Yours in Christ,

  5. I too love charity shops. So glad you found something that you had been hoping for. What a sweet plate!

    I agree that it can be hard to turn down a good bargain, though. :)

  6. What about the fact that older things are just more durable and appealing? You seem to be a talented thrifter, by the way. :)

  7. Wow Shannon, the dishes you bought are just beautiful! I particularly love the pansy dish as pansy's are my favorite flower. :)


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