Friday, July 04, 2008

It's Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! To all Americans, at least...

I have spent most of the day preparing for a cookout that we're hosting tomorrow afternoon, so my "4th of July" will really be tomorrow.

As a pleasant respite from the day's activities, my father took our family out on our boat to go see the fireworks. He launched the boat into the canals that dissect our neighborhood, and soon we were on our way! There was still some light when we set out, so I claimed my favorite seat:

The bow of the boat is probably not the safest place to sit, but I had a steady grip on the railing! My feet dangle over the front of the boat, and I can sometimes reach the water when we're going slowly. Riding the waves up there is like a mix between a horse and a dirt bike -- not that I've had much experience on either! As my dad let the throttle out, I soon picked up the rhythm of the (rather choppy) water, anticipating how the boat would react to each wave. It's exhilarating, even if occasionally painful. I'm still wondering if I'll find bruises on the backs of my legs! Some of the larger waves sent sheets of warm, salty spray washing over me.

Once we reached our destination, my dad anchored and we waited for the show to begin. A local radio station airs music to match the fireworks, and we caught intermittent snatches of it -- when our radio batteries were working! From the theme from "Indiana Jones" to "Rodeo" and "Fanfare for the Common Man" by Copland, I highly approve their music selections!

Excuse the blurry city lights in the picture -- it's very hard to take a steady picture in a rocking boat! The fireworks were just lovely, and it was so delightful to see them from our vantage point. After the finale, my dad tooted our boat horn. Within a few seconds, boats all over the Bay joined in, and an enthusiastic -- if not exactly musical -- farewell echoed across the water.

Let's just say that tonight's venture has made me sure of how I want to spend Independence Day next year!


  1. Sounds like fun! Like you, I too like the front of the boat though I'm not sure I could dangle my feet over the edge! Fireworks are so pretty over the water. Happy 4th!

  2. I loved reading your blog and what beautiful pictures of the fireworks!! I will be back to visit again!!
    Love in Christ

  3. I actually thought the city lights were fireworks!

  4. You got better music for your fireworks than we did - we got a lot of 'patriotic pop' stuff. I love Aaron Copland's music.

  5. Jody, there were certainly some...interesting moments on the front of the boat ;)

    Welcome, Jennifer! I'm so glad you've enjoyed my blog!

    Maria Pauline, I think the city lights look a bit like flamingoes ;)

    Elisabeth, sorry you didn't get better music! I hope the fireworks were pretty, anyway!

    Yours in Christ,


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