Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was just tagged for a "7 Random Things" meme by Amanda (thanks Amanda!), but since I just complete "6 Random Things," I'll just tack on one more!

7. I love a good bargain. Who doesn't? But this conflicts with my inborn hatred for bargaining. Sometimes I'm brave and will ask for a better price, but usually I'd rather pay a few dollars more and avoid the possibility of an uncomfortable situation (in other words, I'm usually a coward).

Which brings me to last Saturday, when we stumbled across an estate sale on one of my favorite streets in a nearby city -- it was a good old-fashioned yard sale, really, but that's not quite classy enough for this particular street!

The first piece I spotted was a lovely floral pitcher which reminded me strongly of one that we purchased in England years ago. I've always loved it, and was delighted to find another! Come to find out, the lady who was selling it had actually bought it in England while visiting there.

A Wedgwood Queensware tea cup caught my eye next. Though it was a bit dirty, a quick scrub brought it into shape in no time:

And finally, a set of green stemware with a raised ivy pattern. They barely top 4" tall. Perfectly proportioned -- for a hobbit! I just couldn't resist them. Wouldn't a child just love these?

I did manage to "bargain" my way down $3, so I left with my treasures in tow and the happiness of exhibiting an extraordinary level of courage!

So there you go. Random fact #7 about me. Because you just couldn't live without knowing that, right?


  1. Oh, lovely finds, Shannon! I particularly like that teacup.

  2. Thanks Shannon! I am a coward, too. lol. ;)

    Hey, are you going on Mrs. Chancey's costume tour next year? Tiffany posted in one of the threads and got me wondering. There is a definite possiblility that I will go on the first tour and I am in a state of shock and excitement. *attempts a backflip* ;)

  3. Thanks, Clare! I love tea cups, too, but they're usually too pricey in shops. Thank goodness for "estate" sales!

    Amanda -- yes, we are going on the first tour! Tiffany, my mom, and I are all going, and we can hardly wait! Well, I can, since I have quite a bit to save before then ;-) It would be so wonderful to meet you there!

    Yours in Christ,

  4. Kim D of At Sea Level10/15/2008 3:37 PM

    Goodness knows - I'm busy for a week, and I come to find that I have so much catch up reading to do here. I'm afraid to travel over to Tiffany's and find even more to read! oh my!

    I'm envious of your finds! I'm such an antique hound! You ladies need to call me next time! I'll be glad to meet up and shop!

    Blessings! - KD

  5. Wow, you found such nice things! My Mother has tried in the past to get me to go to estate sales, now I will definitely go, especially that I now know what treasures could be waiting to be found. :)


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