Friday, October 24, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress -- Friday

Rain was still trickling down the windows when I woke up this morning. Storms rolled into our area yesterday, pouring down bucketloads of cool, refreshing rain. It has been a peaceful day -- my first "uniform free" day in weeks! There's now a new apron in the shop, made up a some delightful red-and-white print that I've been longing to use.

Today I wore a black and tan gingham skirt, which is delightfully comfortable. I love the ruffle at the bottom! My shirt is a super-comfy top from Talbots. Both garments are thrifted! And yes, another headband...

My shoes are by Mudd -- they're delightful black leather Mary Janes with cutouts on the toe and edges bound in black suede. I'm just starting to break them in, and I already love them.

Oh, the glorious days of fall!


  1. Shannon, I came by via Clare's blog (I Have Loved Rain) and I just have to say that your Feminine Dress photos are absolutely lovely! You are a wonderful testimony to beautiful, stylish modesty. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring outfits with us!

    Your Sister in Christ,

  2. Lovely! I love that ruffle too!

  3. Shannon,

    We have had a ton of rain here too! It has ushered in some beautiful cold weather, though. Instead of the summery humid climate of Florida we are refreshed by the crisp coolness of an autumn rain! How good God is!

    Rejoicing in Him,
    Jane Ellen

  4. Isn't it ever so nice to have that cool breeze this weekend! This will be my first Floridian Fall and Winter. I can hardly wait!

    I LOVE that skirt! It is absolutely perfect! How lucky are you to have found such a treasure!

    I also loved Tiffany's new dress. It looked absolutely stunning on her. You did an excellent job! Congrats!

    You are, as always, ever so fashionable!

    Love and Blessings, - Kim

  5. Shannon,
    I just thought of something.
    I have this:

    The Swing Dress pattern from Sensibility, although, its packed away from moving. If I can find it, do you think you would mind helping me sew it. Or at least instruct me. Or stand over my shoulder?

    The instructions are rather tricky at most. I think I'm making a Mountain out of a Molehill really.

    Just email me your telephone number so I can give you a ring,
    I'll let you know if I have found the pattern or not. Wish me luck! eek!

  6. Thanks! :-)

    Kim, I'd love to help with your dress! I've heard the swing dress is a bit complicated, and I think it also has to be cut out a size or two large than the measurements indicate. I'll double check on the Sensibility forums!

    I'll e-mail you ;-)

    Yours in Christ,

  7. Okay Great! Now, if I can remember which box it was packed away in! oh my! eep!

    Love and Blessings! - K

  8. I'm so glad to have happened on your WIFD! You've done a really lovely job, with your simple but stylish, feminine & flattering modest dress. And the poses & photography is beautiful, too!

    I was wondering what you wear under your shoes? Closed toe shoes smell w/o socks, but it's so hard to find the right footwear for Mary Janes, which are my favorite style of non-sandal shoe. (And I hate hose) TIghts? Thin white or dark socks? I can't tell if you have on socks in the pic. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Lym, thank you for your kind words! I typically wear knee-high nylons with my shoes because my skirts are usually long enough to cover. In winter, I have a pair of tan microfiber tights that are nice and cozy. To be honest, this is something I've been trying to figure out, too! But for four years I went to a college that required nylons, so I've gotten used to them :-) I also want to try some of the little skin-colored socks that just cover your toes, ankles, and the bottoms of your feet. Ideally, they don't show...

    Well, hope that helps!

    Yours in Christ,


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