Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The White Cliffs of Dover

At least, the pile of books I just received in the mail from Dover Publications seemed like a cliff!

That's what happens when I have a $10 coupon and Dover has a Bargain Bin -- and free shipping on orders over $50!

My selections were eclectic, to say the least -- children's literature, orchestral scores, crafts, historical costuming, architecture, music, and iron-on transfers. Dover has ridiculously good prices, and 60% off is even better!

Considering that our library booksale is coming up on Friday and Saturday, it was a bit absurd -- but I just can't resist a good deal, especially when dealing with books!


  1. Kim D of At Sea Level10/01/2008 5:21 PM

    Oh Yummy!
    Now I am truely in trouble.
    Thanks for introducing me to Dover!

    And... it was so fantastic meeting you, Tiff, and Mum yesterday that I just had to blog about it! ;o)

  2. Kim, it was great meeting you, too! I think I might have to join Xanga so I can comment on your blog ;-)

    Yours in Christ,

  3. Oh, isn't it delightful to have a stack of books just begging to be read?!

    Good on you for buying books at such bargain prices, too!

  4. Whenever you can get a good deal on books, go for it! :)


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