Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Could Have Danced All Night...

At least, I certainly felt like I could have danced all night! Saturday's ball might well be deemed a success (at least in my opinion).

Note: I've moved a description of my dress to its own post

A waltz:

Getting ready for the Virginia Reel with my father:

"Lead couple sachet!"

It was so wonderful returning to the ball -- and this year we had several friends from our area attend, as well! There are many families, and you never can predict the height of your dancing partners (the ones under three feet tall are just adorable!).

Jane Austen was right about the felicities of rapid motion...


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, Shannon! I am quite envious of your ball!

  2. Your dress looks lovely! What a fun thing to do! We don't really have those sorts of balls in my part of the country, I wish we did...

  3. Ah, Shannon, it looks like you had such a wonderful time! Your dress is beautiful (I love the plaid!) and you look so gorgeous and radiant.

  4. Shannon, your outfit looks lovely.

    You certainly were resourceful with the materials you used and the modifications you made to the pattern. Ah, clever thing! :)

  5. Your dress turned out beautifully! I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself.

    By His Grace,
    Jane Ellen

  6. Aren't Civil War Balls great! My sister and I have been to a couple which were put together by a history buff in our church. We couldn't afford as nice outfits as yours, but they are so much fun, you don't really care!
    I completely agree with the fact that the ones half your height are adorable! At one of the balls my sister and I went to a few years back, I got asked by a little boy of about twelve. He asked what the next dance was before asking me to dance, and I thought that was kinda curious. It was one I had never heard of. So, he lead me to the floor, and come to find out, they were skipping that dance because of the time, and doing the next dance which was a waltz. The poor boy, kinda freaked, turned to a friend and siad "This is a Waltz?! I didn't know it was a waltz!" apparently, he had avoided all the other ones during the evening. It was so cute! He was trying to avoid the SLOW dances!
    Of course I told him we could just sit it out if he wanted, but he stuck it out. We ended up having a vary nice conversation. He was half my height, and such a sweetie!

    Another dance (the same night) There was a dance where each guy had two girls he had to round up and dance with. I got asked by what looked like a ten year old. Actually, it was really his mom that asked me. He was to embarrassed and shy to ask. He was so adorable!

    You all looked so pretty and look like you were having fun!

    God Bless,

  7. Shannon~You look lovely! How fun the ball looks! I would love to do something like that one day, although I've never heard of something around here...must do my research:-) Oh, and convince my hubby it would be fun:-D

    Lots of love,

  8. The pictures don't do you justice. You were absolutely glowing! I had so much fun helping you get ready and such!

    Your dress is stunning! Even more so in person.

    Thank you for letting me do your hair!

    Your Loving Sister,

  9. Narnian Princess11/12/2008 2:53 PM

    i was able to attend the same ball!!!
    i think i saw you during the broom waltz.

    Narnian Princess

  10. Shannon....I might just give moving to Florida a thought. ;)
    It looks like you all had to much fun!


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