Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Domestic Pursuits

Oh my poor, neglected blog! I've been incredibly lazy about posting recently, between the busy activities of daily life and some Herculean efforts in the sewing room (which has been evincing a partiality for the skirt department recently).

Having a guest today gave me an excuse to indulge in baking an apple pie, since that happens to be our guest's favorite dessert.

It's so therapeutic to peel smooth, shapely apples -- especially when they have the hue and richness of peridot.

Crusts are still my Achille's heel (don't ask me why Greek gods are featuring in my post tonight -- I'm not even a fan of Greek mythology!). My crusts turn out fine, but I feel like I'm battling them all the way. The buttermilk crust recipe in my trusty Betty Crocker is fabulous, but definitely needed to be refrigerated before rolling!

A slice of pie a la mode while watching The City of Ember was the perfect way to round out a lovely day. Of course, any day that ends with apple pie is a lovely day!


  1. Yum! Apple pie sounds yummy! How was the movie? We have read the book but haven't seen the movie yet. Do you know how accurate it was to the book (or haven't you read it)?

    I am not so great with my crusts either. I usually just skip the top crust and do a crisp topping instead! =:)

    What is the name of you Betty Crocker Cookbook? I love collecting good cookbooks!


  2. I think your crusts turn out better than fine....they're delicious!

    Thank you for making that little bit os sweetness for us last night. And I'm sure I speak for all who tasted it. ;-)


  3. I suggest one of two things...
    the first is what my grandmother calls a lazy man's apple pie...only a top crust!
    The second is what I do...and that is buy the pre-made crusts that come rolled up by the tubes of croissants and biscuits at the grocery store. I find WalMart's brand is actually better than Pillsbury. :)

  4. I love pie crusts!

    And yes, pie crusts should be wrapped and refrigerated for at least 30 minutes before rolling. Other tips? Keep the ingredients really cold when mixing, especially the butter. It has to do with pastry science.



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