Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Keeper

It's official. McCall's 5431 is a keeper.

For those of you who asked which pattern I used for my skirt in this post -- this is it! I love the incredibly soft hand of this cotton, which was a Red Tag clearance find at JoAnn's. I've sighed over their lovely premium quilter's prints ever since they first came out, so I'm always delighted when I can find one in the Red Tag section.

Comfortable, feminine, and practical. Yes, it's a keeper! The only question is, how many times can I reuse this pattern before people start noticing?


  1. Thank you! I was admiring that skirt in your original post. So pleased to know the pattern number!

  2. That is gorgeous, Shannon! And the fabric you chose is so sweet and feminine.

  3. Hannah L., the length is just over 30" (I serge the bottom edge and turn it under once). It wouldn't be too hard to lengthen, but it would require extra material.

    Yours in Christ,

  4. That is a beautiful skirt, Shannon! I'm going to go by the pattern this instant! =P =)

  5. Very cute Shannon! I love the print!

    And I don't think anyone would notice if you made more skirts from this pattern. I've made *counts* four skirts (and another is in the works) from my favorite A-line skirt pattern and no one has yet to notice.

  6. Beautiful. : ) That fabric is so sweet.

  7. So beautiful! Up to the ankles with a feminine whit top would make it look like a 1930's dress!

  8. Ooo! Pretty!

    -Christine from Arizona

  9. what size did you choose? Because I noticed in your tutorial for the tiered skirt we were the same measurements. And I always seem to pick the wrong size for muself, so that's why I ask.
    I love it. i think the one with the huge pockets look like an apron.

  10. Well, I just made another skirt from this pattern, so I'll have to post that soon -- I really can't rave about it enough! :-)

    Anonymous, I think I made a size twelve. The nice thing is that this skirt is easy to adjust. My tip is to attach each yoke piece to its corresponding skirt piece before sewing up the side seams. You have to be careful to match up the seams, but it makes it really simply to take in/let out those side seams!

    In Christ,

  11. Hi Shannon
    Love the skirt! Floral patterns
    (especially pink) are my favorite.
    It turned out beautifully!
    Please post your new skirt soon
    can't wait to see it.
    Irene :)


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