Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Stitch at a Time

In one of my industrious stash-busting moods, I decided to use some calico scraps to make a baby quilt. It's turned out to be a rather expensive stash-busting project! Well, not expensive -- but not "free," either, once you count the batting and backing. But I'm enjoying the new experience of quilting. And this is the perfect project to start on because it's small.

So far I'm about half done with the quilting. It's great having something to occupy my hands while watching a movie! My inner perfectionist is slightly frustrated by "learning by doing," but I know it's the only to learn a skill like this. So I'm taking it one stitch at a time, and I figure that any children the Lord may bless me with won't be measuring my stitches.

At least, I hope not!


  1. Beautiful! You are so talented! So far, I have loved everything you have made! God has blessed you with so many gifts and it is wonderful to see you using them to their fullest. Have a wonderful day!

    Love in Christ,

  2. The quilt looks lovely, Shannon! I love all the soft pastels and florals. Beautiful!

    Rejoicing in His goodness,
    Jane Ellen

  3. Wow! Shannon, that looks so pretty already! Your stitches are so nice and neat! Quilting is one of those things I have come to wish that I could do. Hopefully some day, I will be able to make one of these sweet baby quilts, too!

    I have to have a project for tv/movie watching too! I can't stand my hands being "idle"! It's probably from all those years when I was little and reading all those Little House on the Prairie books!


    P.S. - I think I have that same yellow print in MY scrap box! =:)

  4. It is looking lovely! I have never quilted but figure it is just the next step in my sewing adventure:-) Someday perhaps!

    It sounds like this little quilt will be finding its home in a Hope Chest...would I be right? Lovely thought if it does:-)

    Lots of love,

  5. Hi!

    What a gorgeous looking quilt! I quilted a table runner for my Grandma for Christmas. I made a quilted motif in the center of a certain set of squares.

    I also have a quilt that I started a while back, but haven't finished. I put a few of my squares together, and decided it didn't look as good as I though it would! I do plan on going back to it...someday.

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
    Miss Eyebright

  6. Quilting is so much fun! Why not hope that by the time your kids are old enough to understand measurements, they have worn your quilt to rags?


  7. Those colors are gorgeous! You're making me want to be domestically industrious!

  8. Oh, its so pretty! What a lovely blend of colors. And bravo on some serious stash busting! :)

  9. Oh how beauitful! I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. Is it hard? Are you doing it in a frame, or on your lap?

  10. Thank you all for your kind encouragement!

    Rachel, if you could only see some of my not-so-straight stitches -- or worse, the back! *wink*

    Sommer, this will be going in my hope chest -- partly because I don't think I'd want to have anyone else seeing my first quilting attempts, and partly because I've put so much time into it! ;-)

    Cheri, the quilting hasn't been hard so far -- I consulted a few websites and a book to get the basics, and I'm feeling my way through the rest! You're supposed to take several quilting stitches at the same time, but for now I'm sticking with one! ;-) The quilt is small enough for me to use a quilting hoop my mom bought years ago. It's like an embroidery hoop, but thicker and about 15" in diameter.

    Yours in Christ,

  11. Oh it's lovely! I'm impressed. :) How are you marking your lines? Or are you *(gasp--you can't be free handing such neat lines....can you??)* free handing it? I have always done the several stitches at a time (running stitch), but after seeing how neat and tidy yours looks maybe I'll have to start taking each one share a picture of the finished quilt please!

  12. Don't worry. You're children won't be counting the stitches. It's the colors and design that they'll care about more. And even if they beat it up for the first decade, they will grow to appreciate it. I have a quilt that Momma made for me--one of the first Momma ever made--I never really liked the print or the shade of pink, but I did like pulling out the batting (holes opened up in the seams). But now I love it--especially as she recently repaired it.

    I love the hand quilting part best. It's so relaxing, and every single stitch is different--the beautifully even stitches of sashiko are a long way off yet.
    Keep it up!


  13. Shannon, you really ought to give doing a couple stitches at a time a try. It will make the back much neater! Just use the straightness of the needle as a guide. It takes more practice but gives a great result in less time! Trust me :)

    Looking forward to spending time with you in London next september!


  14. Very pretty! A baby quilt is a great idea for something small to start on.


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