Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week in Feminine Dress -- Saturday

Today was absolutely beautiful -- crisp, cool weather outside, and fun and laughter inside.

I wore my "invincible" Ralph Lauren sweater (so called because I've worn it frequently throughout the last seven years, and it still doesn't look worn!) with a bran-new tiered skirt. You can't tell from the picture, but the fabric is a soft suede with floral embroidery. I think it's destined to become a favorite.

And so ends another WIFD! I suppose it's a sort of "mental bootcamp" for femininity. I wish I could just conquer the area of femininity and modesty in dress in one fell swoop; I wish I could just have it all figured out. But since that's not going to happen, I'm very grateful for WIFD.


  1. Lovely outfit! Your new skirt is beautiful.

  2. I really enjoyed your posts this week Shannon. All your outfits are so lovely!


  3. This is funny! I got some material for Christmas that I wanted to make a tiered skirt with, but I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I just made a skirt with a big ruffle. Now I found a "pattern" :P This will be one of my next skirt projects!
    God Bless!

  4. Oh, how I have enjoyed viewing your WIFD posts this past week. What a blessing to know that there really are young ladies out there who appreciate being feminine. I can't remember how I found your blog but I've been reading it for a while now...and enjoying every post. :) Keep it up, and know that you're an encouragement to others. May God bless you as you walk with Him.

  5. Love that skirt! I've been appreciating your WIFD week!

  6. Dear Shannon,
    I forgot to share that I added photos from this post to my blog post on feminine dress a bit ago. I thank you for being such an sweet inspiration in the Lord, dear one :)
    May the Lord Himself bless you and your family!


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