Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week in Feminine Dress -- Wednesday

Today was a sewing, crafting, cleaning, Bible study kind of day -- with a sore throat and plenty of turkey noodle soup thrown in! Forgive my bleary look; "the bug" seems to be getting to me, and I'm praying that I'll just be able to get through my lessons tomorrow!

Today I wore a wonderfully versatile sweater from Caribbean Joe, paired with an embroidered corduroy skirt that I made earlier this year. My shoes are Mudd -- of course!

I hope all of you have had a very blessed week so far!


  1. Hi Shannon.
    How beautiful you look. While others would wear baggy sweats,messy hair, when they are home all day with a bug. You look very neat and pulled toghether. Kudos for you!
    Looking forward to see the rest of WIFD.
    Hope your feeling better

  2. Aw, get better soon, Shannon!


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