Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

I finally had the presence of mind to compile a list of Trumpkin's many witticism in Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis.

~ Horns and Halibuts
~ Bulbs & bolsters
~ Whistles and Whirligigs
~ Soup and celery
~ Thimbles and thunderstorms
~ Giants and junipers
~ Tubs and tortoiseshells
~ Bottles and battledores
~ Bilge and beanstalks
~ Cobbles and kettledrums
~ Wraiths and wreckage
~ Weights and waterbottles

I hope I haven't left any out -- if you find one that's missing, let me know!

Trumpkin's font of creativity is simply amazing! I am determined to adopt some of his vocabulary for those times when "Oh nuts" just doesn't cut it!


  1. I sure would rather hear and use those than some of the things that come out of folks mouths these days! Thanks for sharing:-) I think I especially like "bilge and beanstalks" ;-p

  2. But let's face it - not as good as those of Captain Haddock - see this list.

  3. Sorry - I've just realised that's the second time in a row I've made comment of the for, "Yes, but it's not as good as X" on your blog.

    I do want to underline - I do love Trumpkin. I really admire his loyalty and sense of duty.

  4. Sommer, "Bilge and beanstalks" is one of my favorites, too! :-)

    John Dekker, that's okay! ;-) I'm not familiar with Captain Haddock, though I've heard of the Tintin series. That's quite a vocabulary! I especially love "Jobbernowl" and "Miserable molecule of mildew!"

    And yes, Trumpkin really is -- well, a trump! :-)

    Yours in Christ,

  5. I second John - Captain Haddock has a wonderful vocabulary of expressions of annoyance and frustration! But Trumpkin's couplets are great too!

  6. Hilarious... C.S.Lewis was certainly creative. And not only in vocabulary.



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