Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Wee Baby Quilt

I recently finished a project that had been lurking in the back of my mind, waiting for "renewal." I purchased some fabric several years ago with the intention of making a baby quilt -- but I didn't end up quilting it once I had it together.

I finally decided to finish it properly, so I found some fabric for a binding, took my "quilt" apart, and started over. Rather than quilt the whole thing, I decided to do a tied quilt, using several colors of embroidery floss that matched the pattern.

Mission accomplished!


  1. Looks great! Is this for your Hope Chest? Very sweet:-)

  2. Aww, very pretty, Shannon. Those colors are gorgeous.

    I did a successful t-shirt alteration today--I'm very proud of myself! Taking in the side seams seemed the simplest way to go. It worked! Yay! *Grin*

  3. It's lovely! Just think, in not very long you may have a little baby to snuggle up in it :-D

  4. Lovely....aren't baby quilts fun to make?!

    Love & Blessings~ Jen

  5. Fun! A hopechest item? I tied my Jenny's quilt like that, with all the different colors. It's so cute! Could we perhaps have a full picture?


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