Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sheerly Summer

My stashbusting efforts have now taken on new priority. With only seven months left before our wedding, I'm determined to "slim down" my fabric stash -- not your typical pre-wedding diet, I know! *wink* And we sold our house last Saturday. Just like that. It's been "for sale" on and off for several years, but two weeks ago a couple came to look at it, and a week later they made an offer! If it goes through, we'll be moving closer to town, and probably to a smaller home -- which means downsizing for all of us!

Anyway, I'm rambling now -- this is really a post about my most recent stashbust, using a piece of gorgeous embroidered cotton voile that I purchased at Denver Fabrics last summer. I LOVED Denver Fabrics (no longer affiliated with the website of the same name), and got some absolute steals there!

I'm in dire need of some new summer clothes, so I pulled out my trusty Simplicity 4499 (some of you who read my blog regularly are already laughing...) and got to work.

I used the oh-so-easy-to-sew pleated short sleeve from the pattern, since I wanted this to be quick and simple. Plus, I love that sleeve! It's so comfortable! I did cut off a few inches from the center front so that the blouse wouldn't overlap (it needs an undershirt anyway), and also improvised a simple tied belt from the scrap of fabric I had left over. Oh, and I borrowed anoher pattern's collar to improvise a mandarin collar -- I love mandarin collars, but hardly ever use them!

2009 just may turn out to be "The Summer of the Stashbust!"


  1. Very nice, Shannon! And thanks to you, that is my favorite blouse pattern now too. =)

  2. Tee hee hee... The big 4499 comes out to play. When I bought the pattern, I also bought sheer navy material for it. Maybe that will be my next project after this inspiring new blouse!
    It's too bad the pattern is out of print- you could have made a deal with Simplicity for some commission!

  3. I hope you keep blogging about your life and sewing projects even after you are married!

  4. Busy year for you all!

    The blouse is simply lovely. I happen to have some of that same voile in green, black, and teal (local shop's end-of-season sale!), and I now want to make a nice summer blouse of one of the lengths! All of your projects are so inspirational!

  5. Shannon, you really inspired me with all of your 4499 blouses! I got the pattern and I'm planning to try it out soon. As I'm currently 7 months pregnant I'll have to do a little guessing about how the shirt will fit post-baby, but I think if I just make the same alterations I usually do on every pattern it will fit fine.

    Your new blouse looks very pretty! :)


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