Monday, July 06, 2009

Our First Visitor

Today we welcomed our very first visitor to our new home. Rather than invite him inside, we entertained him on our back porch. He seemed more comfortable there, anyway -- and since he had been out in the rain, he had "no desire to leave a watermark."

May I present Mr. Sheldon P. Boximus? You must forgive him for not introducing himself. He is a rather shy and retiring sort of chap!


  1. LOL! I love his name. =)

  2. So hilarious! You seem to have a lot of critters 'round there! He is cute~

  3. He's cute! My little sister would love this post-- she has a pet turtle. :-)

    I spent some time today looking at your blog and I think it is absolutely LOVELY! I love reading your well-thought out posts, especially the one you wrote in June of 08, about "Lessons in Love from Jane Austen", and of course, I loved your courtship story!! :-D (Many congratulations!!! :-D )

    ~Melanie A. (from the S&S foum)


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