Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

But apparently not even a downpour could deter this persistent little fellow from having a snack at our birdfeeder.

He even brought along a friend:

Meanwhile, our Schefflera plant set to work gathering raindrops.

My little squirrel friend (he doesn't know he's my friend, but he is!) had quite a meal. But hey, not every day can be a great hair day:


  1. Oh, your little friend is so cute, Shannon!! ;) Those are some great pictures!

    ~ Blessings,

  2. We have a little squirrel friend, too (but like yours, he doesn't know he's our friend). We've named him Perkins. :) He was playing all over the backyard today digging holes and picking up acorns.

    I hope all the wedding planning is going well!

    Love in Christ,
    Emily Rose


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