Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going Green for Christmas

I must confess that I did not go green for Christmas.

I did not use recycled wrapping paper (though I did re-use some gift bags).

I did not craft most of my gifts -- yes, I "supported the economy" by purchasing items made in toxin-belching factories.

I didn't even indulge in that ultimate form of recycling: regifting.

But I live in Florida. And in Florida, you don't have much of a choice about going green for Christmas:

What a blessing that no matter the weather, we can still celebrate the incarnation of our Savior and King! And here's hoping that your Christmas is a little whiter than ours! *wink*


  1. Yes, our Christmas is white, but that green grass sure looks lovely. :-D

  2. Merry Christmas, by the way! :-D

  3. A white christmas?!?!... wishful thinking in this household!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I had a green Christmas this year too!!

    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas Shannon!

    Your fellow Floridian,


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