Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Pink-and-White Beauty

Just down the block from our church is The Pink House, a lovely and elderly Victorian lady. I suppose her name isn't very creative -- but it just seems to fit.

And is she ever pink! She's undergone some interior renovations in the past few years, which have only increased her beauty and made the space more usable for our church.

Now that it's the Christmas season, she's also looking a bit more festive:

I couldn't resist taking some pictures when we stopped by yesterday. We're planning to have the bridal party get ready at the Pink House, which I'm quite excited about!

Today marks exactly one month to that much-awaited, much-prepared-for day. Not that anyone's counting... *wink*


  1. Oh, what a beautiful house! (or so it seems, part by part :-)). I love pink houses. I never thought people would paint their house pink (in Spain they are mostly white, because of the heat, or made of stone or brick, not much creativity there) until I went to the US for the first time. The family I stayed with (amazing people, by the way!!!) lived... in a pink house!!! I took about a thousand photos during that summer :-)

    By the way, I love your camera, and I can see many more photos in your blog in a future :-)

    Have a nice day!

  2. What a lovely spot to have your bridal party prepare at! What a treat!

    I can't believe it is so soon to your special day :-) Looking forward to rejoicing with you that day!

    Lots of love,

  3. What a sweet house! It's so romantic that you're going to get ready for your wedding in it!!!

    I hope that you take pics of every single thing on your wedding day to share with us fellow bloggers!!! I just can't wait to hear and see all about it!!! I'll be praying for you and Pablo over the next few weeks.


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