Friday, March 26, 2010

A Frabjulous Day For Tea

I woke up the other morning in the mood for tea. And having recently seen the (not surprisingly) bizarre Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland, I decided this whimsical tin of dried and fermented leaves was all that would do:

But one cannot brew Alice in Wonderland tea in a normal teapot, nor consume it in a normal teacup. No, such normal tea implements are unacceptable.

So I used the coffee press we received as a wedding gift. In fact, so desperate was I to try out this delightful item that I cut open a perfectly good tea bag to indulge in the novelty of "loose tea."

And, of course, though it was only tea for one, I had to pull out the little cream and sugar set that my mother gave me for Christmas -- made in the same style as the coffee press.

The tea receptacle? One of the niftiest inventions I've ever seen -- the Bodum double-wall glass. You can serve the hottest drink in one of these, and still pick it up with your bare hand.

I must say, that Bodum coffee press made one of the best cups of tea I've ever tasted -- I still can't believe how strong it was, despite only using one serving of tea!

While I can't rave quite as much over Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (Women in armor always look foolish. Always.), I am drooling over Alice's coat. And Alice's Theme is now one of my favorites -- so whimsical, magical, and beautiful!

Sometimes, you just need a hot cuppa.

But then again, in Wonderland it's always tea time!

...And yes, I do know it's "Frabjous," not "Frabjulous." But it was too apropos to resist.


  1. I had to give up either coffee or my tummy and after much inner debate I chose my tummy. So...I am now a tea drinker. I walk down town to our wonderful tea shop where they sell all kinds of loose tea and you order by the ounce. I am enjoying a cup of organic black vanilla coconut cream right now. I hadn't thought of making it with a coffee press but what great idea.

  2. delicious!!! You made me want a cup of tea! :-) That cups look like a great solution for hot beverages, i need to get one!
    I have a question about the movie: is it suitable for girls aged 11-12? I gotta find a nice movie to watch with two girls I used to babysitt and I don´t know if this one is appropiate. I know it was rated for kids 7 and older, but sometimes that´s more for commercial reasons. Thanks for the help!

  3. I am feeling very envious! I ran out of tea two days ago and still haven't bought more, the thought makes me very sad!

    I enjoyed "Alice in Wonderland" and I completely agree about the armor! (Although I don't think she looked quite as foolish as Eowyn in "The Return of the King".) They really could have come up with something better for Alice. I adore the leather princess seamed jacket that Marian wears in BBC's "Robin Hood". Very practical for fighting bad guys but still feminine!

  4. What a fun post, Shannon! I just love tea, and I love seeing how other people drink it... :)

    Those glasses are really neat, btw!

    I hope you're doing well.

    Much love in Christ,

  5. This post makes me smile! =) I've never seen one of those coffee/tea makers; it looks quite nifty. And I LOVE that mug/glass!

  6. I agree that Alice's coat is AMAZING! I would love to have one like it!

    Sounds like a wonderful tea. We should have tea next time you come over!


  7. I have to admit, I *love* "Alice's Theme" too, Shannon!! I've been back here a couple of times to listen to it again. =)

  8. Reading your blog always brings a smile to my face! I also love your beautiful photos. I had to get up and make myself a cup of tea after reading this entry!

    In Christ,

  9. Looks absolutely lovely! You really can't beat a good cup of tea! The new Alice in Wonderland looks quite intriguing!

    Don't be alarmed at your word verification! We know you better. :D

  10. Mmmm, looks good. I love Alice's Theme! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Elena, So sorry I never replied about "Alice" -- I think it might be a bit much for 11-12-year-olds, but I suppose it would depend on the child. There is a bit of graphic violence, and some rather disturbing images.



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