Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

We had an unexpected (but quite welcome) dinner guest last evening.

Apparently we have our very own little Eastern Cottontail!

Normally we do not entertain our guests on the back lawn, but this little fellow seemed quite content there -- until we ventured too close, which resulted in this:

After our guest disappeared (rather suddenly, I thought), we couldn't resist exploring our little domain in the early twilight.

We have several damselflies down by the creek. I love it when they let their wings open -- the contrast of the black wings and teal bodies is so gorgeous!

I resisted my Photoshopping urges in this post, so all of these are SOOC (or, "Straight Out of Camera"). Quite honestly I thought it was too dark outside to get anything but a blurry mess, but my Canon was feeling benevolent.

Speaking of my Canon, I have finally christened it "Howie" -- which I got from "Howitzer". After all, it is a Canon!

I still have to get around to showing pictures of the actual house -- but perhaps that will wait until we are more settled in! *wink* Every time I walk into the front bedroom (AKA the Book Repository), it begins to dawn on me that our combined collections are probably pushing the 1,000 book mark, and right now we only have one bookshelf. Eep! Here's hoping that Craigslist coughs something up in the bookcase department very soon...

I hope you're all having a very blessed Thursday!


  1. You are such a talented photographer! Those photos are jaw-droppingly (is that even a word?) gorgeous.

    I bought a really cheap bookcase from Ikea. It's quite light and was only $50, if I recall correctly. It holds about 250-300 books (!) and was quite helpful in organizing my collection when I combined it with my husband's! :)


  2. Awww.... what a cutie! And I love
    the other pictures too, Shannon. :)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments! And Luci, thanks for the tip about IKEA -- I'll have to check that out :-)


  4. Hello Shannon,
    We have been enjoying your blog and all of your pictures. Looking forward to pictures of your new abode after you get settled in.
    Mrs. Hope and Lauren

  5. Don't forget freecyle too if you have that in your area! After all, it is FREE! :D

    It is so good to here about your new life and the beauty of it all. It is such a priviledge :)

  6. Shannon, I'm so happy for you in your new home! I understand what you mean about the books... I haven't dared to count ours. When we were first married we received a gift card from Target and bought three tall $30 bookshelves to hold most of our books. They are not very sturdy, but they'll probably at least last until we can afford to buy real wood shelves! And it has been fun to organize our books. :-)

    Enjoy settling into your new home!

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  8. What lovely pictures and adorable little guest, Shannon! Glad you're enjoying Howie.

    Bookshelves are always in short supply in our home too because somehow books just keep finding their way in and we haven't the heart to turn them away. ;-)

    Happy shelf shopping, and I look forward to seeing house pictures too.

    Richest blessings!

  9. Ooh, more good bookshelf ideas! I got to unpack some of my books the other night, and it feels so good to have some familiar friends on our bookshelf! :-)

    Agnieszka, what lovely thimbles! I used to collect them when I was a child, and had so much fun choosing which ones to purchase! :-)



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