Monday, June 14, 2010

Historical Cuisine

Terrible, terrible things can happen when you decide to have dinner at 10:00 at night.

Especially if you're tired.

Especially if you're fond of history.

Especially if you're finishing off a bag of Potato Sticks and starting a bag of Tater Tots.

I blame it on Pablo -- he's the one who stands up his Tater Tots on the baking sheet. And well, when I saw those handy slabs of potato, the urge to recreate Stonehenge was too much to resist. So I didn't.

Who says you can't play with your food!


  1. Having fun with food! I love it!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. This makes me smile. I, too, am guilty of playing with food. My sisters and I have been known to create forests and cottages with broccoli and carrots! :D

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one! My sisters and I have been known to recreate entire battles (Yorktown being the first we did) with our breakfast. :D

  4. *sigh* That is truly terrible. Very very terrible. *shakes head* But then, can you tell me how come gourmet cooks mess around with tomato peels and make flowers out of radishes and almond slices...pipe roses onto cakes...and shape zillions of foods into zillions of forms??? Food is art! Not just the cooking thereof, but the presentation! So enjoy messing around and make Cheops' Pyramid next time! :D

    My family eats two 10"X18" sheets full of 'Tots per supper, so I don't have the time to stand each and every one on end...but they can do that on their own plates. :)


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