Saturday, August 07, 2010

Glamour on Wheels

When it comes to antique car shows, count me in! An hour or two spent admiring yesteryear's transportation is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

To my surprise, our little town hosted quite a car show a few months ago -- I was expecting a handful of antique cars, but instead there were several blocks of beautiful, gleaming vehicles to admire.

Like this Fairlane, which has one of the most humorous convertible tops I've ever seen (not to mention an incredible paint job and a turquoise steering wheel):

There was, of course, the occasional rustbucket, competing in the "Most Rusted" category:

And one rather *unique* vehicle:

Not only is this one of my favorite styles, but this car also reminds me strongly of Doc Hudson from Pixar's "Cars:"

It's amazing to me how much attention is put into the details of a vintage car!

Why is it that modern car manufacturers just don't build glamorous cars anymore? I know, glamour isn't exactly necessary when getting from Point A to Point B. But if our ancestors didn't have any trouble producing classic cars, why do we? *sigh* I'm thrifty when it comes to vehicles; I'll probably drive used all of my life, even if new fit into the budget. But one day -- one day -- you may just see me drive by in a 1937 Hudson Terraplane...


  1. Occasionally, some antique car shows are hosted across the bridge. I love it when we happen upon them! My sister and I dream of all the fun we could have in vintage dresses!

    Personally, I've always been partial to a vintage chevy pick-up...I guess that's the country coming out in me!

    See you tomorrow?

    In Christ,
    Jane Ellen

  2. Oh what a fun outing it must have been! I like old cars, too. That first picture reminds me of the vehicle on the film, Skylark, the sequal to Sarah, Plain, and Tall. When you buy your 1937 Hudson Terraplane, be sure to let me know and I'll be your first passenger! I love that car! =)

  3. Oh my goodness..that last car is splendid! I love old cars...just lovely :-)

    Lots of love,

  4. Jane Ellen, vintage cars and vintage dresses sound like the perfect combination! *sigh* I actually love those old Chevy pick-ups, too -- so maybe I have some country in me, as well! And we'll be seeing you tomorrow! :-)

    Cheri, you'll be the first I call if I ever get that Terraplane! :-) It is a beauty, isn't it? I love that first car, too; I just love that "Skylark" era in general!

    Sommer, so glad you liked it! Actually, I'm relieved to find I'm not the *only* girl with a thing for vintage cars! :-) I


  5. Beautiful cars! I love antique car shows, they are works of art. True museum pieces. Something brightens in my day if I see a restored vintage car drive by!


  6. I *love* old cars! My father had a classic BMW convertible, but sold it before I was born... sigh!

    Funny & true story: my uncle used to own a fabulous convertible. It was a vintage Porsche. He also had a very long, huge beard. One day, he was driving through Amish country in Ohio to visit my grandfather, and he had a hat on. I'm sure you can see where this is going ... well, he kept passing buggies and the men just went crazy! They were hooting and cheering for him, and he couldn't figure out why. Later, he discovered it was because they thought HE was Amish or Mennonite and driving this fabulous car! :)


  7. I love vintage car shows! My husband is very knowledgable about cars, whereas all I can contribute is, "That car is soooo awesome!" or "I like the color!" :-P My personal fantasy is to own a 1953 Jaguar I saw at a show, painted -- get this -- "Cotswold Blue."

  8. Lauren, you're so right! Just seeing a vintage car is enough to brighten my day, too! Which can be kind of dangerous when I'm driving, because I tend to watch it until it's out of sight... ;-)

    Luci, what a great story about your uncle! We used to live in "Amish country," so I can imagine what a stir he would have made!

    Laura, I'm afraid my appreciation of old cars goes no deeper than aesthetics, either! :-) Goodness, that Jaguar is a *GORGEOUS* car -- something I could see Bertie Wooster driving in the 50's! And Cotswold blue? It doesn't get any better than that!



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