Monday, August 02, 2010


Little by little, our craft/computer room is coming to order -- despite having the closet entirely to myself, my fabric and craft supplies were still in a general state of disarray over the entire room. Even worse, without any table or countertop, most of my paper-cutting projects were delegated to the floor; not a situation to promote organization and cleanliness! More storage was a must -- but even the cheapest storage unit with doors at Walmart was $50. For cheap particle wood? I don't think so.

But there has been Progress. After a seemingly endless search on Craigslist, I found exactly what I was looking for -- a little antique Belgian washstand at just the right price. A new coat of paint in "Chantilly" (which sounds delightful, whether referring to the cream or the lace ), two new knobs, and almost entire tube of wood filler later, it was ready to take on my organizational nightmare.

I didn't realize when I purchased it just how perfect it would be -- the drawers seem designed to hold my essential craft supplies; the little shelf is just right for a row of jars to hold everything from paintbrushes to antique lace; the counter area holds my large cutting mat with room to spare; and the cabinet -- well, take a look!

A shelf at exactly the right height, and enough room for two rows of fabric ("stash" pieces in the back, more useful pieces in the front) on each level -- could I ask for anything more?

There are still a few finishing touches for the room -- some wall shelves for baskets and books, and some final organizing and decorating (the vertical blinds are ready to go!). But already the whole room is looking better, and I'm feeling inspired to finish it up.

It's amazing what one little washstand can do!


  1. How lovely! A little organization with character.

  2. Now THAT is both cute and useful! It isn't to often one can be successful in achieving that in a sewing room. =)

  3. Oh, my mom would kill for something like that! Congratulations on your find!


  4. You're right it's perfect! Lovely job fixing it up too.

    Just wanted to add that I love your new banner.


  5. Perfect! I love wonderful finds like that :-)

  6. Oh how wonderful! And I love your new background/layout as well! :)

  7. oh! How useful..and cute! It looks like it is perfect! What a great find!


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