Monday, September 20, 2010

A Rescue

During one of our (frequent) Craigslist scans, Pablo and I came across a little slant-front desk advertised for $20. Skeptical, we clicked on the link and looked at pictures -- it actually looked fairly decent, despite warnings of stickers and some childish "Sharpie art" on the inside of the lid.

After bargaining down to $15, we took it home -- there was some scratching to the lid and top, but the desk was solid wood (except the back, but who cares about that) and had a lovely shape. Here's a "before" picture -- though it isn't quite fair, since by the time I remembered to take it, we had already started sanding the top and removed all the drawers! But you get the idea:

We set to work sanding down the top and lid. I scrubbed away at the Sharpie, and thanks to my super-secret all-purpose cleaner (otherwise known as equal parts vinegar and water), it came out entirely! The stain we chose turned out to be the perfect color, so we were spared the work of refinishing the rest of the desk. So for the cost of stain, sandpaper, and a cheap brush, we were able to rescue our little Craigslist desk:

It has turned out to be perfect for the little "nook" off the kitchen -- its small size fits the scale of our house, and it's the most delightful little bill-paying/mail-sorting/letter-writing station imaginable. And, of course, anything is better if you cover it with books... *wink*

I just love happy endings!


  1. Oh, how delightful! :D You and Pablo have made it entirely lovely now! :D What a good buy! I love the addition of the books. ;) Yes, what a wonderful writing desk! :) It seems to suite your little home so nicely! :)

    How are you feeling if I might ask? :) I hope you and your dear little one are well! :D


  2. It's beautiful, and I couldn't agree more about the books. I have a spot in my living room where something like that would fit perfect :0) I just may have to keep my eyes out for such a find.

  3. It is a truly lovely desk! And it fits perfectly in that little nook!

    I love the way you decorate with books and combine the books standing up and lying down. It looks so elegant.

    When my poor books are released from their prisons, I want to do the same thing!


  4. How lovely! I love to take something that needs help and a home and transform it. Great job!
    Mrs. Hope


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