Monday, April 11, 2011

Tea and Roses

There's nothing like a hot cuppa in a vintage teacup and a handful of nature's loveliest blossoms in a vintage teapot.

The old-
fashioned rambling kind of blooms, of course, not those stuffy hothouse hybrids.

It's a simple equation, really:

Tea + Roses + Spring = Bliss.


  1. I agree! All the goodness comes swirling together when it looks good, smells good, tastes good, and feels good!

  2. I just might need to go and make myself a cup of tea real quick... But I'll be honest, Shannon -- the teacup in the first picture has me a wee bit jealous! ;-)

  3. Beautiful roses!! Exactly like the sort I want to plant in our front beds...something that will ramble all over a trellis...

    Oh, and I was wondering if your package had arrived? I'm hoping I didn't wait to long for the sizing...

  4. Oohhh lovely tea cup. I love tea also (just blogged about it, actually). What tea do you like best? I also recently read somewhere about using an old or cheap teapot as a pot for a plant. But a vase works just as well! :)

    This Good Life

  5. Shannon,
    My daughter has been following your blog for some time now, and her comments about your blog have inspired her (and thus, me)!
    It is a delight to see young people growing in the way of the Lord as they start their families. As an older woman nearing 60, I am praying for a continuing revival of hearts toward Jesus and the home.
    I appreciate your example.


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