Wednesday, May 04, 2011

These Busy Times

Spring for us has involved beautiful weather and lots of projects! It's hard to believe we bought our house a year (and seven days) ago. Which is also scary, when I consider that I *just* cleaned out the clear "crystal" knobs on our outdated sink fixture. It was so easy, too -- so why did it take a year?

Anyway, we've also been able to enjoy the full beauties of Spring on our little property, which has been a delight!

Most of our projects have been in the great outdoors. Like transplanting the enormous Indian Hawthorne bush that was totally obscuring the prettiest window on the front of our house (and we only have three, so that's a big deal.) And of course, the three foot circle we marked out to transplant it to was filled with pine tree roots, so Pablo had to break out the axe. I tried it, but fifteen strokes later, I had made as much progress as he had with a single stroke!

Our transplant project led us to destroy a few feet of rotten tree trunk, which the previous owners had decorated with a rather disturbing set of facial features. By doing so, we accidentally evicted this vibrant little fellow:

He was absurdly shy (I have a feeling he doubted my motives, but I didn't find him in the least appetizing!), so I resorted to my long distance lens to record his likeness. Yes, I was snapping photos while Pablo was doing the hard work... *ahem*

But I did prune the roses and jasmine -- the latter had gone completely wild, wrapping itself into long, fragrant ropes. It's more subdued and much less attractive now, but next year we can train it into more acceptable routes.

Yes, these are busy times -- and we have a Little Man to provide mandatory breaks every few hours (I keep telling him there's plenty of food in the 'fridge if he's hungry...). And while such times may not be good for the blog, they are certainly good for hearth and health!


  1. LOVE the snapshot of your husband working!! :)

  2. Sounds like you and hubby have been busy. I'm sure your yard is so pretty and your little man is such a gem. I always look forward to your updates. Blessings to you.

  3. Wow! You all have been busy! Funny to think about it being the time of year to do those things there. :) And Little Man is getting cuter and cuterer by the day!

  4. Shannon, it's good to hear that the Lord has been filling your days with such delightful blessings. (And isn't it nice to have a strong man about the house?) ;)

  5. Jen9874@msn.com5/09/2011 9:59 PM

    Shannon, I have been following your blog for a few yrs now. I've enjoyed making a skirt using your tiered skirt tutorial and reading about your wedding plans and now life with your adorable son. As a fellow Christian wife and mother, Jane Austen fan and tea lover, I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your creative talents. They always give praise to God.

  6. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on motherhood and projects. It really takes me back to the early years! We had to wait for children for almost 19 years, but now 20 years later (and at 59), ours are almost grown. Hold on to these memories. Wonderful to be able to record them like this! You will be ever grateful.
    Many blessings to your dear family.


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