Friday, November 25, 2011

The Beauty of the Everyday

There's something about a daisy that's so simple and innocent -- as quiet and unassuming as everyday life. In the botanical world, it can't compete with the breathtaking beauty of a hothouse rose or a Bird of Paradise. But sometimes those showy flowers are a bit *much* for the day-to-day, like having a mountaintop experience Every Single Day. Exhausting!

No, daisies offer beauty without demanding adulation or overloading our senses. They're as comfortable as an old friend or a favorite novel.

Everyday flowers for an everyday life.

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  1. My thoughts exactly! Daisies are currently adorning our dining room table. I love Kathleen Kelley's line in You've Got Mail: "I love daisies. Don't you think daisies are just the friendliest flowers?"

    Perfect. :)


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