Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Visit to the Tropics

In December we had the opportunity to visit with some of Pablo's relatives in Puerto Rico. It was quite the adventure! We stayed mostly in the San Juan area -- the old city of San Juan, the historic fort of El Morro, and El Yunque national (rain) forest were destination highlights. I thought I'd share some visual experiences from our trip, thought I thought I could narrow it down a little more. Oh well!

.:. The Yokahu observation tower in El Yunque rainforest .:.

.:. A waterfall in El Yunque .:.

.:. Palm trees along the beach -- though we didn't actually swim! .:.

.:. The crest above the entrance to El Morro .:.

.:. A view of the San Juan cemetery from the walls of El Morro .:.

.:. The upper gallery of El Morro .:.

.:. One of a bazillion guard towers in San Juan. This one's on the walls of El Morro.
Can you see the cruise ship passing by through the window? .:.

.:. Lead cobbles, made out of ballast from the European ships that came
for treasures from the New World. Now that's recycling! .:.

.:. The lighthouse in El Morro -- an early 20th century addition to the fort .:.

.:. Plenty of these chaps about -- though I didn't get a single (good) picture of an iguana! .:.

.:. An avenue in Old San Juan .:.

.:. Knock knock .:.

.:. Recognize this gentleman? His initials are C. C...  .:.

.:. A balcony within a courtyard within an art gallery. 
All of the "art" was hideous, but the building was amazing! .:.

.:. One of my favorite streets in Old San Juan .:.

.:. Detail from an 18th century door in Old San Juan .:.

.:. Doesn't it look so peaceful? It was all I could do to keep myself from going in .:.

.:. The patrons of this bar have left quite an impression on the woodwork,
as we discovered when we stopped in -- for directions *wink* .:.

.:. Orchids everywhere! .:.

.:. There are plenty of pigeons in Parque de las Palomas --
perhaps because someone very kindly created pigeon "appartments" in the walls .:.

.:. Inside El Morro .:.

.:. View from the top of the Yokahu tower in El Yunque .:.


.:. This may be my favorite picture from Puerto Rico.
The room just draws me in with its serenity .:.

I'm not much of a tropical girl by nature, but the opportunity to visit with and meet extended family was well worth the trip! Besides, it was certainly exciting to visit such an exotic corner of the world, and I've had very little chance to photograph Spanish architecture before.

Oh, you noticed that it's taken me three months to post pictures? Well, let's not talk about that...


  1. What beautiful pictures! How neat that you get to visit somewhere so beautiful and get be with family at the same time!

  2. My favorite picture is the hallway of El Morro. Love the beige and browns...

  3. Oh they're wonderful photographs, and you've made me feel all summery! When we went to Barcelona I really enjoyed the Spanish architecture, it's quite different to Northern European architecture.

  4. Shannon: Thanks for posting these beautifull pictures. You certainly have an eye for photography. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Puerto Rico.


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