Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Wee Welcome

Some dear friends of ours recently adopted their first baby -- it has been a long journey, but now they hold a precious little one in their arms!

They're in our Bible study group, so a little celebration was in order. I volunteered for the cake (Italian Creme Cake -- oh goodness, do I love that cake!), and thought a little decoration was needed. After viewing some ideas on the web, I went for a modified cake bunting. I used scrapbook paper instead of fabric, since I don't much like the frayed look of most of the fabric cake buntings I saw. Forgive the blurred name -- I have neither permission nor the desire to reveal this little baby's identity!

I didn't think my slender bamboo kitchen skewers would quite do the job for this one, so I enlisted a pair of bamboo knitting needles to serve as my "posts." A few strands pulled from a scrap of burlap for ribbon, and the bunting was ready to go.

A wee (though very hearty) welcome seemed very fitting for such a wee (though quickly growing) baby!

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  1. Hi Shannon
    Clever idea. You did a beautiful
    Would love to have a piece of that cake, that's for sure. Looks delicious! Have fun!


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