Tuesday, January 08, 2013

These Little Days

Life seems to be moving at warp speed these days. Family, home, and living -- well, they take time! But the time spent with my family is so precious to me. 

And this is what it's looked like lately.

Lots of towers (and numbers and letters).

Lots of books (not necessarily read from front to back).

And lots of "choo chwains" (Which equates to Mommy obsessively searching for track configurations that use up every last piece, while Little Man runs his trains off the track and says, "Cwash! Oh no!")

Oh, and we have daily breaks to watch fire engines on YouTube. Because 15 minutes of blaring sirens is apparently riveting to a 2-year-old male.

These are little days. And sometimes they're frustrating, and sometimes they're too wonderful for words. They're inevitably busy, which is far better than boring.

But as I see how much my Little Man is learning (sometimes I think I can actually see his brain expanding), and marvel at just how chubby little baby thighs can get, I know I wouldn't exchange this for anything. Not that I'm always ready to admit that when one of my littles needs a nap, the other needs a feeding, and they both need diaper changes!

Life is in the little things, and right now, I'm living it.


  1. Hello Shannon,
    I haven't commented on your blog for a while but I (actually Lauren and I) have been consistently reading it. It is such a blessing to see how your little family is growing. Maybe someday yet we will get an opportunity to meet. May God richly bless you this year.
    Mrs. Hope

  2. I love this post. The Little days.Thank you for sharing this with us! Blessings~Faith

  3. Oh, Little Man and Edmund sound like they would get along just. fine. I know the satisfaction of using up every train piece. Edmund has collected so many now due to various birthdays and Christmases that it's practically an impossible task for me. With his latest birthday, he finally got the right pieces so that we can make an enclosed track in which the trains can change directions. Douglas is the resident track designer around here and he has come up with some AWESOME layouts... as in, did he miss his calling as an engineer? :)

    Good to hear an update from you! Enjoy those little days. :)

  4. I loved this post! I have 6 little nephews & it's all these little things that are such a big part of their lives! :) Especially the train tracks ;).
    God bless you & your family!

  5. Mrs. Hope, it would be so lovely if we could meet some day! I've read so much of Lauren's blog that I already feel like I know y'all :-)

    Laura, I love that the trains are a toy that can be easily added to (for gifts), without having an entirely separate toy! I can only dream of an enclosed track where you can change directions... is that weird? :-) I can't wait till Little Man can start assembling tracks on his own (and playing with them by himself would be great, too!)

    Abbie, that's a lot of nephews! Little guys are such fun, though mine tends to leave me rather exhausted! :-)


  6. I really enjoyed your post!! My little guy is a little younger than yours, but I enjoy seeing his brain expanding each day...it's fun to see them explore and make connections!!

  7. Shannon,
    This post is so sweet! And I can agree with you on him keeping you busy...I don't live with him every day, but when he comes over to visit goodness! he keeps you going! I love it though ;)

  8. Shannon,
    This makes the tears well up in my eyes...I so love little hands and feet. Where has the time gone? What a blessing it is for the Lord to give us children to raise for His honor and glory! You ARE living it and may it be to the fullest!!


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