Saturday, July 06, 2013

Crafting in the Nursery

I've never been quite happy with the wall decor in the nursery; there were large bare patches that looked odd (to me), but I wasn't keen on overdoing it with art, pictures, etc. So far, all of the wall art has been framed Classic Pooh prints (and an enormous framed Classic Pooh alphabet that I recently found at our local thrift store for $10. Score!). But while I love Pooh, I don't really want a room with such a specific theme. 

After seeing the currently popular embroidery hoop art, I decided to have a go at it myself.

I love the woodland theme, and fortunately I had all of the necessary scraps in my stash!
The birds are all cut from felted thrift store sweaters, and the branch is just a piece of felt. I used Wonder-Under for these pieces, but the rest of the designs were applied with craft glue. It's really not difficult!

I had to include a hedgehog; I do love them so! And this is not the only hedgehog in the nursery now, as you'll see in my next post. This little fellow is cut from thrifted leather (the dark brown was a skirt, and the light brown was a vest. Oh, and the little eye was a jacket!), and is sitting atop a bit of yarn "grass." My husband was quite distressed that the hedgehog was off-center, but I assured him that it was intentional.

An acorn made of more felted sweaters, and two leaves from yet another thrifted leather jacket (the veins are just brown Sharpie. Don't tell.).

The toadstool is one of my favorites! The stem is white faux suede, the upper cap is red leather from a jacket (yes, I have a leather collecting problem), and the underside of the cap is the reverse side of the same red leather. I love how the lighter color adds some dimension.

 Gender neutral, woodsy, and decidedly fun to create. This one's a winner.


  1. Those are great Shannon!

  2. Shannon, I love the heart and soul that you put into making your home so beautiful. God Bless you and thank you for sharing these...I can't wait to try them myself!
    ~In Christ, Faith

  3. They look great! I especially love the intentionaly off-centered hedgehog. :)

  4. Thanks, y'all! Faith, thank you for your encouragement -- I hope you enjoy making some for yourself; they're qutie satisfying and simple! And Sarah, I'm so glad you like the off-center hedgehog :-)


  5. Very cute crafting going on there, Shannon! I like your woodland friends.


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