Friday, October 25, 2013

(Not) Drawing to a Close

Well, our little week of "Creative Spaces" has come to a close (thank goodness I'd scheduled my last post, because our Internet service conked out unexpectedly yesterday)! I want to thank all of you who participated in the link-ups and offered your ideas and comments. I've enjoyed seeing/reading your creative ideas, and appreciate your sharing with all of us!

Don't worry, the fun's not over yet! The link-ups will remain open, so if you've been inspired to revamp your creative space and would like to share the results (or just didn't get a chance to snap some photos), please come back and show us!

Here are the individual posts in the series:

Y'all motivated me to go through my stash yet again, and this time around I managed to cull another two grocery bags of fabric. I've got a new project ready to go (using a denim dress from my stash), so hopefully I can continue to eat away at my collection. 

Thanks again, and keep crafting!

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