Saturday, March 22, 2014


I made this camera strap cover quite a while ago, but having omitted to photograph it before replacing it on my camera, I was left in a bit of a quandry. Apparently, it is virtually impossible to take a picture of your camera strap while it's on your camera. Oops. I was in no mood to remove the camera strap, and thus it has gone "unpictured." But no longer. I had to remove the strap when I sent my camera in for repairs, so the first order of business when my camera returned was to take a picture of the strap!

I browsed endless photos of camera straps as I pondered this project, but just couldn't find the right look -- I liked some of the more girly straps, but didn't want to totally embarrass my husband every time he used the camera! In the end, I found some slightly stretchy grey suiting in my stash, and paired it with a bit of raspberry corduroy. I suppose pink is still a bit girly, but at least there aren't any flowers or lace! Oh, and my other requirement was that I wanted a cover, so that I wouldn't destroy the original strap.

The cover was easy to construct -- fold under the edges of the corduroy, run a pair of gathering stitches, topstitch the corduroy onto the suiting, and stitch the suiting into a tube. Once turned inside out, I fed the tube onto my existing strap, folded under the raw edges, and took a few stitches on each end (through the strap) to secure it in place. I can easily remove it if I want, with no damage to my original strap. Now my neck doesn't feel chafed every time I hang the camera around my neck (seriously, Canon, what's up with that?), and my camera's a bit more personalized. It's the little things, you know.

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