Monday, August 11, 2014

Rolly Tootsie Wrappers

No, the title of this post (though confusing) is not muddled. For the topic in hand are new "wrappers" for the rolliest tootsies in the house, belonging -- of course -- to Rosa.

Since my predilection for leather shoe-making is clearly here to stay, I actually invested in some leather sheets via Etsy and decided to have a bit of fun. Little pink shoes were just too much to resist! I used the same pattern as I did for Rosa's tan leather shoes (and a pair of "undocumented" red leather Mary Janes), namely, Podsshoes's Ruffled Mary Janes via Etsy. Rosa has outgrown her other pairs, and they're truly in sad shape, anyway. She's now very comfortable in a size 4. Consider that there are 5 sizes in the pattern, and the largest size is supposed to go up to 18 months. Rosa will be turning two in October! I think the sizing may run a little big, but still, my girly has tiny, pudgy feet.

I used a dark grey leather suede for the soles -- these had already been worn a few times before I snapped
photos, so you can see some little toe-prints if you look carefully! *wink*

My only real modification this time (besides omitting the ruffle) was to the change the strap design. Rather than a single piece that crosses to the other side, I shortened the strap and added the "difference" to the other side of the shoe back -- this created two short straps instead of one long strap.

I also omitted the lining pieces, since the leather I was working with was quite thick. Instead, I stitched a rectangle of thin leather to the ankle area, thus creating the casing for the elastic.

The straps are connected with a small loop of elastic, with a pink bow stitched to the front. They slip onto Rosa's feet with just a hint of persuasion.

I took my time with the stitching this time, using an awl to keep my stitches even and thick buttonhole thread for durability. I think it paid off, as these are by far the tidiest pair of leather shoes I've made to date. Over time, I'm hoping to increase my skill -- and perhaps my stash of tools -- but it's nice to know that I have enough to make simple shoes and such.


  1. *Beautiful* shoes - you have great skill with leather! I really love the little bow; it adds such class!

    1. Thank you, Esther! Rosa is quite fond of hairbows, so bows on her shoes seemed a natural continuation of that preference. :-)



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