Friday, August 21, 2015

A Trip to the Aquarium

Our littles had their first taste of an aquarium a few weeks back -- taking them somewhere for the first time is always such a treat! It did take them a while to feel comfortable with the sharks, though. I don't think they were convinced that the glass was enough to protect them from the (admittedly alarming) predators. Once they settled in, though, we were hard pressed to drag them away. Pablo took this snapshot while Laddie had a snack in the recesses of the shark exhibit:

This Tomistoma crocodile was hanging out right next to the glass. A bit eerie, actually, the way he calmly surveyed us. So many teeth!

The ray touch tank was probably my favorite bit. I expected them to be rubbery, but the sensation was actually soft and little spongy. And very, very slimy. 

I do love turtles! This one was impressively large. Turtles always seem so serene as they drift about. Which makes me wonder what is actually going through their minds; it would be a bit ironic if they were stressed all the time, wouldn't it?

Sweet, sweet memories with my favorite peoples! 

I can't believe that summer is already coming to an end -- it's flown by at record pace! But I'm quite excited about my first "real" Fall in many years. Just around the corner, now!


  1. I so much love those aquariums! Having sharks and fish swim all around is so surreal and amazing :D I'm glad your little ones got to enjoy it, too. Oh, and touching stingrays is strangely entertaining, too!

    1. Laura Elizabeth,

      It had been several years since I had been to an aquarium, and it was definitely enjoyable! It's certainly strange to observe underwater creatures "in their habitat," as it were.



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