Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Life

As Summer draws to a close, I find it hard to believe we've only lived in Virginia for six months. Six months today, come to think of it! I've (mostly) gotten used to the crazy roads, and (definitely) gotten used to the general convenience of our admittedly "crowded" area. Each weeks yields some new discovery -- be it a museum, cafe, park, what-have-you.   

Definitely my "prettiest" loaf yet. Now that I'm making bread regularly, I've been
going through flour like a mad woman! Bananas and flour are pretty much always
on the grocery list.

The local library was a recent discovery (yes, it took us almost six months to get library cards! The bibliophile in me is a bit ashamed of that). It's absolutely marvelous, and we're making ample use of it. And you can check out your own books. Really, you just scan your card and plop all the books on the Magical Mat of Wonder. Somehow it *knows.* I'm sure I'm just late to the game, but it does make me a bit giddy. 

Nature continues to astound me here. There are Rose of Sharon bushes blooming everywhere just now, and I'm determined to plant one of my own one day. They're so lovely! September has also featured the Praying Mantis, in various sizes. Including this chap, who was hanging out on our table at a favorite downtown bistro:

Did you know there are over 2400 species of mantids? Some have really amazing wing patterns! I'd recommend looking up the orchid mantis -- it's quite remarkable.

In other news, Little Man upgraded to a "big boy bike" with training wheels - $14 on Craigslist, versus the $70-$80 they cost new. It's even "Cars" themed, which he loves. His little red trike is officially Rosa's now. Incidentally, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a little girl helmet that's NOT covered with Disney princesses?

Before long the leaves will start to change, and who knows -- maybe there will be snow this year! I'm ready for Autumn, but this has probably been the loveliest Summer I've had in years. It's been a good six months, Virginia.


  1. Oh, that bread looks delicious. There's nothing better than warm homemade bread, toasted and buttered.
    The Orchid Mantis is amazing ... and it's just a little on the gross side to see it looking all so pretty, and then devouring a fly like there's no tomorrow (I watched a video) :D

    1. I agree about the bread! I make two loaves at a time, and about 1/2 a loaf disappears almost immediately. :-)

      Yes, the Mantis is rather... hungry. We watched one eat a dragonfly (that was almost as big as the mantis!) at a garden a few weeks ago. Fascinating, but a little off-putting. :-)



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