Monday, December 07, 2015

The Cush Life

Technically speaking, I'm a bit late posting this -- as evidenced by the fact that the window in the background of the first photo is from our rental, which we vacated over a month ago! But it's one of the few sewing projects I've managed to tackle in the past little while, so here it is.

Our previous couch cushions were serviceable, but were well past their prime. I was ready to move on, and when I found feather pillow forms at H&M (with a coupon code, to boot!), the deal was done. New cushion covers, however, were most certainly not done. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish them, but finished they are. The larger 20x20 cushions are covered in remnants of brown linen from the bed sheets I made, and garnished with linen tape that I bought from KnitPicks for a song a year or so ago. I'd added it to my cart because I was so close to free shipping that it was cheaper to buy one more thing than pay the shipping costs, and I knew linen tape would not go to waste in my sewing room!

The cream pillows are cream linen on the back, and moss-stitch knit (in plain ol' acrylic) on the front. The knitted cover is not holding up as well as I'd like, partly because the roving-style yarn sheds like crazy. But the yarn was salvaged from a scarf I'd purchased and never worn, and it was quite enjoyable to actually knit the covers (perfect project to work on while watching a movei!). So I'm not overly disappointed; I'll make up a new cover in the future if I need to. 

Both pillow covers are lined with cotton batting, which helps them look smooth and tidy (especially important with feather pillows, which tend to look misshapen very quickly!). They're incredibly comfortable, and were just the ticket for a little "upgrade" to our couch.

I've been shamefully lazy about taking pictures of the new house -- or posting anything at all, come to think of it -- but that's life. I'll have a bit more time once I finish up the various little projects I've been working on. And then I can share them with you!


  1. They are really pretty Shannon. I love recovering pillows. Looking forward to seeing all of the other projects you are working on.

  2. I love love love both of them, particularly the knit one! Seed stitch is my absolute favorite, I love to run my hands over it...I'd hug a cushion like that all the time!


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