Thursday, June 30, 2016

That's a Wrap

Here's the very first "show and tell" from my recent fabric "haul": a linen chambray wrap skirt, perfect for summer! The fabric is Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend in Yarn Dye Chambray.

I was originally planning to make a six-panelled skirt with this fabric, and even went so far as to draft the pattern for it. But then I remembered this linen wrap skirt that I'd pinned ages ago, and this wrap skirt pattern that's been languishing on my sewing board for roughly the same amount of time. I didn't end up using that pattern and drafted my own, instead -- but seeing how it could work for both maternity and for "regular" wear convinced me that it was the way to go! It would probably be ideal for that awkward postpartum stage, too, which is something I hope I'll have to deal with again in the future. 

I drafted my own pattern using an old a-line skirt pattern. The front is identical to the back, just slightly "trimmed" on one side. I did follow the limitations of my fabric -- fortunately it was 52" wide, and I was able to get this skirt out of just 1 1/2 yards. I didn't want something too long, so I settled on about 24" (plus a bit for hem and seam allowance, of course). It's perfect!

The waistband is a simple 2" wide strip -- a very LONG strip. After sewing the tie portion and turning it right side out, I stitched down the center (AKA the back waistband) and inserted some elastic. I always worry about elastic looking too "frumpy," but I felt it would give me a better and more versatile fit (versus darts, which would be more tailored but might look odd if I use this a maternity skirt in the future).

I cheated on the waistband by not adding an opening for the one strap to go through. I may add that later on, as well as some little belt loops on the back waistband (the ties do tend to ride up over time).

This skirt is so very comfortable! I'm in love with the fabric -- of course, because it's linen! And the rayon content adds the perfect drape and fewer wrinkles. So far, no issues with the wrap coming open, though I have a few ideas to help with that.

So that's a wrap. And there's another on the way...


  1. Nice! The elastic is a great touch for postpartum. Elastic isn't my favorite finish either, but since I'm also planning for another future pregnancy, I think my sewing time is best used for clothes that will allow for as much weight fluctuation as possible. This skirt looks like it'll go with a ton!

    1. Becky,

      Thanks for the kind words! I still find it hard to sew "practically" instead of where my whimsy leads, but I think this skirt incorporates enough of both that it will be well-loved. :-) I'm actually wearing it today, and enjoying it immensely!



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