Saturday, July 02, 2016

Along for the Ride

So much growth -- every time I turn around, it seems like one of my bunch is just starting (or ending) a phase, needing a bigger pair of shoes, or ready to learn something new. They are sprouting up before my eyes, in a manner that is as mysterious and wonderful as it is terrifying. 

This little guy is officially weaned, which means I no longer have a baby. While I'm happy not to have to base my wardrobe choices around his nutritional needs, I don't know that I was quite ready to leave the baby stage behind!

Also, this is now a thing -- Laddie started taking steps just before he turned 15 months, same as his older brother and sister. 

He's curious about everything, and often mimics what he sees. Especially closing doors (which is great when we're trying to unload the dishwasher...) and burrowing into piles of laundry. He literally squeals as he wriggles around in the clothes. 

And Rosa -- goodness gracious, she doesn't slow down! Doubtless following her old brother's example. 

We smell ALL of the flowers. These kids will probably be able to identify flowers while blindfolded, just by the scent. Not that they know (or care about) the names... Right now, she loves dancing to the Nutcracker ballet and listening to as many Madeline stories as I'll read to her. 

This fellow is a little sponge right now, and often comes up with the funniest ideas! He loves pretending to be a handyman, complete with his yellow winter gloves and his tools. I love watching his artistic skill progress, and he is currently obsessed with peel-and-stick googly eyes. We'll be starting some "official" schooling in the fall, and I'm finding it difficult to believe that it's already time.

And me? I'm just along for this wild ride, tightly buckled and white-knuckled! 


  1. P was over here when I was looking at this post, and when he saw the first picture he goes, "That looks like Laddie!" :D Such a distinctive -- and distinguished, might I add -- little bald head.

    Love and miss y'all terribly. Hoping for a visit up or down sometime soon. <3

    1. He does have a funny little head! Or rather, BIG head! ;-)

      We miss you, too! I am optimistic that we will see you again soon, someway, somehow!



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