Friday, August 19, 2016

Around the House

Summer has brought a bustle of activity out-of-doors!

All things bright... 

Two vines on the side of our house had been cut back during the removal of
some fencing -- only in the spring did they start to grow back. Lo and behold!
Wisteria! And even more surprising were a few late-summer blooms.

...and beautiful,

I have never seen so many varieties of mushrooms and fungi! This one is growing
at the base of an oak tree along the sidewalk.

All creatures great...

This boy still loves his Robin Hood bow and uses it regularly! And miraculously he
still has most of the arrows...

...and small.

The birds are singing, the cicadas are buzzing away, and there's even a tiny green pepper on our pepper plant. Though I'll be able to enjoy the outdoors a little more actively when it cools down a bit!


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