Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ruched and Ready -- Dressing the Bump

So, the final mock-up of my knock-off maternity top is complete! This was even easier to assemble than the last one, though I did have to slow down a bit to take some pictures for a "tutorial" of sorts. By the by, it is not exactly easy to get good photos of the assembly process, especially with a pale green fabric! 

Speaking of fabric, it's the same fabric I used for the pink maternity top, but in a fresh, spring green. Quite honestly, I'm relieved to have found a use for these fabrics! They were so lovely and cheap that I couldn't resist, but I generally don't work with such light, drapey knits. I still have over a yard left of each, so I'll need to get creative to come up with a use for them...

I have the pattern drawn out, but it will take me a bit to get the pages scanned in, the pattern pieces redrawn and labeled, and the instructions/tutorial written. But I'm excited to share this one, because it's so hard to find flattering maternity tops! I realized, though, that I keep modeling the top on Yvonne the dress form (who is maddeningly svelte!), and it still looks good. So perhaps it's not just a maternity top, after all. 

I'm looking forward to wearing these tops this Spring (though I'm not exactly waiting to wear them!), as I think they'll be the perfect pop of color.


Here's hoping I'll be back soon with a pattern all ready to ruche!


  1. Those are such cute maternity tops!! They look so great!!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! They are super comfy, too, which doesn't hurt. ;-)



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