Saturday, March 18, 2017

Stashing the Bump

As my waistline has expanded with this pregnancy (pretty much as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test, it seemed! *wink* ), I've ended up wearing the same few skirts over and over again -- mostly my black and charcoal grey maxi skirts, with a few other "stretchy" options thrown in! I had one denim maternity skirt from my last pregnancy, but pickings were slim. And while I do wear my maxi skirts to church, I really wanted a dressier winter option. 

The Stash provided -- yards of a mystery grey fabric, purchased ten years ago (I'm embarrassed to admit!) at Colorado Fabrics. It was a steal of a deal, if I remember correctly! For years I had plans to make a tailored jacket and a skirt (with godets or a flare at the bottom). But marriage and babies followed shortly, and the fabric has been sitting in my stash ever since.

Now most of it is in my closet!

This is the easiest skirt in the world -- Simplicity 2655, cut to the longer length (without pockets or the waistband yoke). Six seams and a hem, plus a stretchy waistband. No closures needed, because it's just big enough to go over my hips. 

Speaking of which, my pregnant hips are a bit wider than Yvonne's, so the fabric actually lays flatter on my torso than on hers (you can thank me now for taking the picture on her instead of me! Ha!). I used my favorite maternity technique, the "harvested" stretch panel from a pair of thrifted maternity pants. Seriously, I love these panels. They are seamless, "hemless" (at the top, I mean -- less bulky, and less visible under shirts), and fit from early pregnancy through the third trimester. And beyond! In fact, I use these on all of my maxi skirts now, because they hold up well and make a truly transitional garment. This "natural" color is my favorite, because it doesn't show under light-colored tops, but they come in black, navy, and even brown. I frequent the mark-downs at local charity shops to score them for under $2. They're usually longer in the front than in the back, but I cut them "even" for simplicity's sake -- and it helps with that transitional aspect, because you can just wear it a little higher on the waist for post-partum use.

This has served me well this winter; I'll be sad to put it away with Spring fast approaching! I still have a bit of my grey fabric left, and I'm thinking it will be perfect as a little skirt or pinafore for Rosa -- next winter...


  1. Your photography aesthetic is so lovely, and that skirt idea is perfect. You are spot on with your pregnancy fashion choices! :)


    1. Thank you, Krista! Your kind words have brightened my day! :-)



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