Sunday, April 15, 2018

Just a Yard

It seems like every effort I make to clear out my fabric stash is thwarted by my own optimism. "Sure I have 8,000 yards of fabric at home, but this fabric will be perfect for such-and-such a project! And I have so much spare time that I'll get it done in a jiffy." You can easily see the flaws in this reasoning. I can easily see the flaws in this reasoning! And yet... 

Well, at least my stash clearing efforts keep my collection in a state of relative equilibrium. This project used up a single yard, but the beauty of sewing for babies is that a yard, carefully cut, can produce two garments.

Nothing fancy here -- Jalie 3133 for the bodysuit (added a back snap placket because my baby's head is enormous), and my self-drafted harem pants pattern for the pants. There's plenty of room for that cloth diaper! The fabric is a mystery sweater-ish terry-ish knit that I bought ages ago from Girl Charlee. It was intended for a cardigan, but I decided it was too lightweight, and it was relegated to the stash (ah, the danger of buying fabric online!). 

All of the contrast fabric is just the reverse of the material (trying to cut all those extra bindings made the challenge of fitting everything on the fabric that much more difficult!). I have my doubts about how well this will wear -- in fact, it had been washed a few times before I took pictures and you can see a bit of pilling on the waist band -- but it was intended for sleepwear, anyway. I doubt Scout will complain...

I lined the waistband with some random black knit I had lying around, because I knew the fabric itself (even doubled) wasn't thick enough. Worked like a charm! No elastic needed. I also love the little pocket. So completely unnecessary, but when in history have seamstresses confined themselves to "necessary?" 

I've done so many of these types of projects that they come together quite swiftly -- which is a good thing when you're babysitter, educator, housekeeper, cook, and scullery maid all rolled into one. *wink* Quite honestly, though, it probably took me less time to make this outfit than it would have for me to find second-hand cloth-diaper-friendly pants. Sometimes it's easier to sew than it is to wrangle four children at a charity shop.

So here's to cozy babies, creative outlets, and one more yard of fabric out of the stash!

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