Monday, May 21, 2018

Gifts for a Tiny Friend

When I discovered that a dear friend was having a baby girl, I knew there was some crafting in my future! After consulting with my friend, the hunt began for fabric to make a car seat canopy, and silicone beads for a teether/pacifier leash. I was given free reign on fabric selection, and I opted for a a print that I love from Birch organics. I was worried their jersey wouldn't be stretchy enough (and I did have to buy 2 yards because their knits are only 45" wide!), but it turned out to be perfectly fine. Of course, the first yardage I ordered turned out to be woven instead of knit, because I forgot to check the listing! But I'm sure I can easily find a use for that (and it was half the price it usually is!). 

I used the tutorial by Make it and Love It for the car seat canopy/cover. It worked perfectly! Though I think I could have gotten away with making it a little shorter -- still, better a bit too long than too short. And it's neatly folded in the picture, in case you're confused about how it's supposed to cover a car seat! I didn't think to take an "action" photo.

For the pacifier leash, I combined some of the wooden beads I already had with a few new beads via Etsy (soooooo many options). And my friend loves birds, so the wooden teether was perfect! There was no reason for the cover and the leash to coordinate, but they ended up looking just right together.

The canopy is already in use, and hopefully my new little friend will enjoy chomping down on her leash once those teeth start coming in. Scout is sporting several new teeth, and he has certainly enjoyed the textures of the leash I made for him! It's still going strong, and I've made a second for his pacifier.

Sewing and crafting are joy enough in themselves, but it's even better when I get to indulge my creative impulses to welcome a precious baby into the world!

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